Recruitment agents in the company

Time:2017-08-03 12:00:00

Our company is specialized in producing grinding wheel, sand tray, wire wheels, steel paper, grinding, belt, one hundred rounds, sponge grinding block, brushed sheet, metallographic sandpaper, a small lap, trays and other products Abrasives Company The products are mainly used in marine, aviation, automobile, petroleum, construction and other industries in large rust, paint, deburring, grinding welds polished.

Product quality is stable and reliable, good quality, in the domestic shipbuilding industry, and Dalian Shipbuilding Industry, Shanghai Hudong Shipbuilding Group, Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Group, Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industries shipyard for more than ten years of cooperation in large and medium, was well received. In other countries, particularly in the U.S., South America, the Middle East, Korea, Japan international market, establish a good reputation.

Recruitment agents are, to seek common development.

Requirements are as follows:

1, and the company has thought that the development of a unified concept.

2, with market development capacity.

Company sales representatives stationed in various regions will, in time tracking service for our friendship and cooperation to lay a solid foundation.

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